Ask the Hero Queen

My wonderful people of Albion. I’m sorry I had not spoken to you for so long. I had some over seas matters to take care of. But all is well now and nothing will come to harm of Albion.

did you get tired of walking everywhere?

There were times, but I got more frustrated with running round everywhere.


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As she entered the dinning area, she too scanned the portraits before sitting next time Ben. It had been some time for her since she really payed much attention to the portraits.

“It’s like they’re still here with us.”

“Indeed it does.”

It seemed a bit awkward to be just in the dinning hall with just the queen. He could hear the whispers of the servants from the halls and it made him a bit uncomfortable. He was the new shiny thing for today, the thing for everyone to look at. Normally he didn’t mind this, but something about this situation was unnerving.

“Been on any exciting adventures lately has the ruler of Albion? Or has that light burnt out being cooped up in this fancy castle of your’s?” 

“The light hasn’t gone out. But I don’t get to adventure as much as I used to. I haven’t been outside these walls in months. I don’t even know how much the town has changed. That’s why I try to go out to gardens as much as possible to try and catch a gander at the Industrial district. It seems to be growing more and more each month.” The queen seem to chuckle to herself, “It’s almost as if I started back at square one when it comes to leaving the castle. Logan hardly let me leave, that’s why Elliot came over more often then I went out.”

“But I haven’t done much here, everything has been pretty much the same. I want to know more about you and the places you’ve seen since we last say each other.”

“I can’t really say I’ve traveled far. Just stories I’ve heard leading me to dead ends. I was follow an not so old tale about two boys in search of special Balverine, but only so much money can get you places. I did see my parents, it was a bit awkward since I’m the only son left. I have been able to help the over the years being in the military and what not getting them out of poverty. The last time I saw them I was helping them get to Brightwall, where I had purchased a small house for them to live out the rest of their days.”

He seem to have pinched a never when he mentioned his parents to the queen. Her express of interest seemed to have slipped to anguish for a second. As he thought about it only Walter and Logan had ever talked about her parents. He had guess it was a touch subject to those not so close to her. Ben tried to change the subject, “I did though manage to find an old trinket that a pirate left for his widow. It was where that town near the swamps are, not the one near flower people. The one that was told to be haunted.”

The Queen could push back any memories of her parents, but Ben mentioning his family manage to recall a memory of her family breaking her away from Ben story for a short time. She snapped back into the conversation when he spoke about haunted swamps.

"I remember hearing stories of a old heroes town once being there. Walter and …my father tell stories about how he once had been to that place. Apparently it was very dangerous. And isn’t Bloodhaven not too far from it? If I remember correctly our not so good friend Reaver had spent some time not too far from there."

The cook entered the dinner hall with something that smelled like breakfast, a few other servants trailed behind holding covered dishes to place on the table. It was all a familiar scent that smelled wonderful. When each dish was placed on the table  the server would uncover it. All basic, but delicious comfort food they had when at Forte Mourning.

She offered Ben to pick the first of everything before she plated her food.

OOC: Have any of the other lovely Fable Rpers read the books? Just bought Edge of the World yesterday and rereading The Bavlerine Order.

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There used to be a time when Logan and I would play pretend adventure as children around the castle.